Here Are Few Important Things To Remember When Designing A Room

Anil Gangwar
3 min readMay 31, 2019


Whether you are designing an office space for your spouse, an extra bedroom for your parents, or a nursery for the new addition to your family, you’re sure to aim for perfection. Redesigning a room adds value to your property and acts as upkeep for its aesthetics too. However, as this can require a heavy sum, it is important for you to avoid any unnecessary expenses by paying attention to certain details. Here are a few points you must remember while designing a room.

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Determine your use of the Room and its Layout

While you may have extra space in your home to use and wish to give it a makeover, it is important you have a clear understanding of its use in the future. Even though thinking that you may use the room as a study or library and turn it into a gym later on, it is better you save yourself the additional work and expenses by deciding on what purpose the room will serve. And then choose the home decor items as per requirement for best look.

Further, have a layout ready in your mind. Know exactly where you will place the furniture and which part of the room will have the most floor space. Additionally, design the entrance to have enough walking room without obstacles in the way.

Consider the Amount you are willing to Spend on it

Though the price for real estate makeovers and redesigning can never be exactly determined beforehand, it is essential that you have a budget in mind before you allot money to each part of your redesigning process. This way you reduce any extra expenses and don’t end up borrowing more than you need to if you are availing of a home loan or a top-up in order to redesign your room.

Follow a Shopping Plan to Prioritise your Purchases

Instead of purchasing all you need randomly, start with the fundamentals first. Pick the tiling and paint you need before you pick the furniture. Pick the accessories of your room like vases, paintings, or other decorative items last. Try to shortlist your home décor must-haves, which come at an affordable cost online so you can save more, and shop for them when you have finishing paying for the other essentials.

This way the most important purchases are tended to and covered within your budget first, reducing any chances of your room looking half-finished due to lack of funds. With each purchase, ensure you update the layout plans you have thought of to ensure your room is still spacious and functional.

Pick Furniture and Interiors According to your Décor

While you may have come across a few social media posts or magazine spreads that tempt you to recreate the look, pay attention to your existing home décor ideas, colour schemes, and interiors. It is important to ensure that your room’s new look and design blends in with the rest of your home instead of standing out. Also, keep the weather conditions and other specifications of your home in mind, as those may dictate your choices too.

Choose the Right Lighting to Add the Final Touch

The right lighting can build appeal and either light up a room or highlight its most beautiful parts. Ensure everything from the lighting fixtures to the focus of the lighting amplifies the appeal of the room. Get creative and enjoy drawing attention to a certain wall, table or seating area by directing a light towards it. If this is room of any child then you must consider about kids room ideas to décor this room.

Use these home décor ideas in India to redesign your home and enjoy professional results even if you do not hire an interior designer. However, before you get started ensure you have substantial funding to cover all costs.



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